UNLV Nursing Fall 2018 Cohort Hopeful!!!

  1. Hello all! Ive been a long time lurker on allnurses and i figured it's about as good a time as any to start a (very) early thread for those applying for Fall 2018 at UNLV. I think it'd be a good way to possibly make connections before nursing school (fingers crossed!) even starts! As I'm sure most of you who are reading this are, I am extremely nervous about applying and just can't wait to get it over with and get my phone call lol. I'm still taking Nurs 299 and Bio 251 but here are my stats so far so we can make the comparisons us pre-nursing students are so famous for lol. Let the friendly competition begin!

    GPA: 4.0

    A&P: 100
    Grammar: 98
    Math: 96
    Reading Comprehension: 90
    OVERALL: 96

    Anyone else want to share? Maybe offer some words of encouragement? I'm a nervous wreck yet so excited for this stage in my life to start lol
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  3. by   bsnoptimist
    Hey FutureCRNA1224! I already created a thread for Fall 2018 on the 23rd. You can find it by looking up "UNLV SON FALL 2018!" I thought it would be helpful to keep everything in one place instead of having two different forums. I was following the theme of the past cohorts in naming it!