Study tips for the CSN nursing students?

  1. Is there any tips the seasoned students can give us newbies?!
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  3. by   trezpass
    Yes, get your hands on the books as early as possible. If you work then I'd shoot for having most of the reading done prior to the semester starting. This saved my butt. You'll have a ton of things to do and it won't let up, so start preparing as early as you can.
  4. by   Sarah RN,OCN
    Create (and stick to) a study plan! I would go the library or the K building to read and make my own notes, or just go over provided PowerPoints, for a few hours a couple times a week. Also, go over the syllabus objectives and use Evolve or other resources to make sure you understand...don't stress out about sticking to the provided materials. If you like another book that has the same info, use it! I did this for Med Surge I & helped to get the info in a different format.

    Good Luck!