Spring Valley Hospital Interview

  1. I have an interview at Spring Valley tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had interviewed there or anywhere recently....... How was the interview - what type of questions did they ask you - the typical ones or more clinical situations or what???

    This is my first interview for nursing so I dont know what to expect....
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  3. by   ohmeowzer RN
    where are you applying ? what floor and who are you interviewing with? good luck and tell me all about it
  4. by   ohmeowzer RN
    you go girl !! you'll be fine... email me when you get home... i sent you my email address.. yipeeeeee you 'll be fine
  5. by   ris_03tdgz
    anyone work in Spring Valley Hospital 2nd floor medsurg? if so, can you tell me what kind of patients are usually admitted on the floor? tele patients? post-op ortho patients? is just like a general medsurg floor? I applied to the unit and i'm hoping to be called for an interview. I'm a new grad by the way. Anyone else had an interview at Spring valley hosp recently?
  6. by   spongebob6286
    i was interviewed there couple of months ago and i didnt get the job. i applied for an MS position and also new grad.
    congrats for getting an interview and best of luck to you. if this is really your dream job, i hope you will have it.
  7. by   ris_03tdgz
    Actually, I dont have a scheduled interview yet, but the status of my application states that my application was forwarded to HM. Is there a possibility that I will be interviewed? I'm sorry to hear you didnt get the job. I hope you will find the job thats right for you. Are you still jobhunting? Do you remember what kind of questions they asked you during the interview? was it difficult? please share!
  8. by   spongebob6286
    its not difficult and im pretty sure you can answer it. its more about personal questions though.
  9. by   nsFAMU
    I interviewed at UMC and valley hospital (on the phone) and was offered both positions but I'm taking the one at valley. I will be relocating from Florida and I've never even been to Vegas! Anyway, the interview will depend on the manager but it won't be hard. You might be asked how you handled certain situations or patients but if you really can't think of being in that exact situation just think of one close to it and make up something that sounds good. They won't know the difference. I have had face to face interviews in the past where I was asked about 10 questions from 3 to 7 people but these 2 were only a couple of questions from the managers. O and they might ask you why you chose the hospital. Good luck!

    BTW if it says forwarded to hiring manager thats the next step. Valley hospital said it for 2 weeks before I was called for an interview.
  10. by   ris_03tdgz
    thanks nsfamu! I already have an interview scheduled next week with spring valley and its a panel interview. Spongebob if u dont mind is it ok if u pm the questions that they asked u if u can still remember them? I really want this job!!I'm just very weak when it comes to interviews so i would like to be prepared for it. thank you so much for your help everyone!
  11. by   mnnurse29
    Hello everyone!

    I am a new grad in Las Vegas too. Boy, this market is tough, huh??? Anyways, I have applied everywhere. Summerlin won't even let me apply to med-surg because I am a new grad..What the heck??? Same with Centennial Hills.

    I got a call back for an ER position from Valley and had to take a personality test. The recruiter said I passed with an "A" and he was forwarding my resume to managment. Under the Valley website, it says my application was forwarded to HM for like a week and a half now. Also, I applied for a med-surg position to Spring Valley yesterday and it now says the same thing - forwarded to HM on the website. How long did it take for you to get a phone call after you noticed the status changed to "forwarded to HM". How long it it take after that to get an interview?

    Valley's interviews sound horrible...a panel interview? Let me know how it goes! I hope I get one soon! I will take anything right now!
  12. by   ris_03tdgz
    Hi mnnurse. I applied in Spring Valley last week of Aug and the status of my application immediately changed to forwarded to HM. Then I got a call for a panel interview this week, so I waited about 2-3 weeks? Ill let u know how my interview goes! Anyone else had an itnerview in spring valley? any tips?
  13. by   mnnurse29
    Well Good luck! Is this your first interview? Did you interview at any other hospitals? Is this the interview for a med-surg spot? I think the best thing you can do is try to relax and be yourself!

    Did you call and bother HR at all during the 2-3weeks that your status said "Forward to HM"? If the same happens to me, I should have and interview date in a week! Sorry for all my questions, I just am getting inpatient with this job market. I have been looking for 2 weeks already with no end in sight!

    When did you graduate? How long have you been looking for a job?
  14. by   ris_03tdgz
    I graduated May of this year and have been looking for a job since july. No this isn't my first interview. The other interviews I had, I was promised the job but I have to wait since there were no new grad positions at that time! So I've been applying to other facilities while waiting. Have you applied to Kindred hospitals? Yes I did call the nurse recruiter every week and left messages in her voicemail since I never had the chance to speak with her. Thanks for the advice! I just want to start working already=c