New grad with ADN

  1. I just recently graduated and moved to Las Vegas. Still hunting for a job... Does anyone know if they even hire RNs with ADNs? It's so competitive out there.. I'm not even sure if they will hire anyone with less than a BSN..
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  3. by   Tree5981
    Yes try the Valley health systems. They hire ADN nurses. So does Sunrise hospital and Mountain View when the new grad program starts.
  4. by   baker1bv
    Only st rose tries to avoid ADNs, but they are lots of new grads and not a lot of new grad jobs. Just keep trying.
  5. by   justmeinlv
    I graduated with an ADN from an unaccredited school and I had two job offers with in a week of taking the NCLEX. Yes, ADN's get hired. Just make yourself standout in other ways. Make sure your resume and application are perfect. That means no spelling or grammar errors. Also join a committee like the Nevada Nurses Association, go to a board of nursing meeting, or subscribe to a couple nursing journals and educate yourself on current topics relevant to the position you are applying for.