LVN moving from LA to LV

  1. I am currently an LVN in the greater Los Angeles area and my husband is finishing up LVN school next February. Ideally, we would like to relocate to the Las Vegas area next summer/fall. I'm looking for advice in regards to transferring our licenses over and looking for jobs before (or after) relocating.

    - How long does the license transfer generally take?
    - How easy/difficult is it to find a job prior to moving?
    - What is the average salary of an LVN in LV?

    Any other advice is greatly appreciated! We are both very new to all of this having spent our entire lives in Los Angeles and are excited to make our next move.
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  3. by   Dean Uguan
    If you're considering work at a medical office, Spanish language skills would definitely be plus.
  4. by   Sour Lemon
    You cannot transfer a license. You'll need to apply for a separate license. You can start the process anytime since you'll simply have a license in both places.
    I know nothing about how long they'll take to process you or what the job market is like. Hopefully someone else will come along to fill you in.