LPN from Canada! Help please.

  1. I'm an LPN from Canada and I need to know what clinical requirements are mandatory in nevada? California told me I'm missing 15 hours of clinical in Pediatrics and 15 hours of clinical in maternity. I have the Theory hours. In Canada they give us an option where we want to do our clinicals. Not everybody can do all the clinicals. Please help if anybody knows the answer to this I'm very frustrated. I want to try and apply to Nevada.
    How do they evaluate Canadians?
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  3. by   dianah
    Are you wanting to move your LPN license to the US?
    Or use it as a stepping stone to RN degree in the US?
    Please clarify what your goals are. Thanks!
  4. by   CanadianAbroad
    Unless you are a citizen of the US or can get a green card through family or marriage, you can't come and work in the US with your LPN.