FYI for CCSN programs

  1. I just recieved some info that I thought I would pass along. I am no longer in the RN program, but still get stuff in the mail for it.

    CCSN has started a part time ADN program this fall. The full time program will take 96 students and the PT will take 34 (i think) Starting in fall 2005 the full time program will take 136 students. There is no waiting list for CCSN, there hasn't been one in several years, they take everyone who qualifies. They also changed some of the pre reqs. You no longer have to have A&P II completed to apply (I did) and some of the courses like Soc don't have to be finished until the 4th semester. They have raised the GPA to 2.75, it was 2.5.

    I'm a student at NSC, yes, I have a habit of saying NSH so excuse me, but I am not in their program, I am in Speech and Language Pathology and Audiology.

    I thought this might be useful to someone, you can see the sch for the full and part time programs on line
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