English psychy nurse wanting to work in vegas

  1. hi all,
    this is my first post, in the hope that someone can give me a helping hand! i am a registered psychiatric nurse working in a maximum secure hospital. i have been qualified a year, though have been in this job for 10.
    i wish to emmigrate to las vegas and work in the forensic sector. can anyone give me any usefull information regarding requirements needed, i.e. is my english diploma recognised, how do i get it recognised, sallary rates, relocation opportunities, services available, work visas etc.
    are there any ex pat nurses out there with any hints or tips? can anyone suggest usefull web sites that may help?
    finally, im comming back to vegas in sept 05 (yeah, i know its a long way off), but if anyone can forward any usefull contacts, who may be happy to arrange visits around the psychiatric facilities, i would be most appretiative.

    thanks for taking the time to read my post. feel free to e-mail any info direct to me. thanks again




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