CSN summer nursing?

  1. I am looking at Spring 2012. On the course sequence paper it states that some nursing courses may be available over summer (Full time)??? Any experience with this or rumors? When I called the lady said no they don't. But why would they put that on there?? Wishful thinking on their part? Not in 2011 but maybe in 2012/ 2013 they will start to offer summer for Full time students??? What do you think?!
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  3. by   Sarah RN,OCN
    I'm not sure about what they'll be doing in a few years, but right now there are some full-time students entered into a raffel to be able to take the summer class. If you're picked, you'll take the class with the part-time students.

    Either way...good luck!
  4. by   CaliJessXoxo
    Great info!!! Well, if I get in I sure hope My # gets picked!! Thank you!
  5. by   CaliJessXoxo
    Oh do you know about how many will get the chance?
  6. by   Sarah RN,OCN
    No, not exactly, but I think we had about five or six in our summer class. I'm in the part-time program so I'm not sure.