Corizon...not the company to work for!!!

  1. I worked for PHS which is part of corizon..I worked for them for 1 year..moved to Las Vegas found PHS again started working for them again...the merged with cms..and thus created corizon. I worked for them at Henderson Jail from July 3, 2011 found I had a brain tumor Jan 18th...I kept them notified of everything...I had my operation on Mar 14th. I received a letter telling me I did not work for them for 1 year and was not eligiable for FMLA so they sent me the paperwork for ADA (which will protect you for 8 weeks). This was sent from my doctor to them 8 days late....they fired me...but told me I am able to apply with them when I get released from dr.s care....the only way to get released is have an MRI...they stopped my short term disability and insurance!!!! So really reapply...I can't even get released I can't afford an MRI out of pocket...**** they left me with no pocket at all!!!!
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