CNA instructors at CSN

  1. For clinicals Ladrum or Laviolette. For lab Mongeau or Miller. Has anyone had these instructors or know anything about them? Any recommendations?
    They don't appear to be listed on "rate my professors" Thanks.
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  3. by   DesertRain
    Hey Checkmate!
    I am not sure who any of those are except Joanne Miller. I also never had her as a teacher, so I have no idea. I think they are all pretty good. Are you doing the CNA program? When do you start? It's an awesome opportunity and I honestly think if I never did it I would be so left behind right now in the RN program. Big Big --actually HUUUUUUUGE help.
  4. by   Rebaba
    Mongeau is great. I had her for lab. I also had Linda Lang for clinicals and she was awesome. Good luck.