Are all Las Vegas hospitals unionized? I've never worked in a state with unions..l

  1. is it a hassle to join? Do you join after you are hired ?
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  3. by   MikeyJ
    I think you are confused on what a "union" is. First and foremost, the hospitals in Las Vegas are not union, persay. Nurses in the state of Nevada are not required to join the union; however, there is a large nursing union that is available to join if you choose so. All of the nurses in the state benefit from the union (whether or not you are in the union or not). However, they would like all nurses to join the union to show the hospitals and state legislature that they have a large backing.

    I am personally only a nursing student, so I am unsure of who you would contact. I know the union is part of the SEIU. I would ask fellow nurses when you get hired on. Hope that helps.