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Neuroscience Office ideas

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by Klumsykay Klumsykay (New) New Nurse

Klumsykay specializes in Neurosurgery.

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Hello all,

I recently transitioned from Neuro/Trauma ICU to Neuroscience Office...

I have never worked in an office type setting, so I’m not quite familiar with what it should be like..

They are asking me for advice in regards to bettering their office.

What types of suggestions would you make?


thank you in advance! 

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What is your title I assume RN or higher given your previous job?  Do they perform any invasive procedures in the office?  Did they comment on any particular areas for improvement?  What would your normal day look like, are you going to be actively involved with patients, doing triage/refills, managerial?  I have worked in clinics my entire nursing career some private owned some hospital owned and several speciality offices.  

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