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Neuroscience - I need some help in Cerebral Circulation

ratine ratine (New) New

I need some help in cerebral circulation, can anyone discuss to me the anatomy and physiology of cerebral circulation please, I need it badly, Im in a neuro ICU and I need to discuss this to my manager this week. Please

Cerebral circulation is controlled by the "Circle of Willis" which provides redundancy in the circulation in order to minimize damage to the brain when a particular artery is occluded. There are four arteries which feed the circle - the L/R internal carotids and the L/R vertebrals. The internal carotids feed the middle cerebrals, and the vertebrals feed the basilar artery.

You should also know about cerebral autoregulation which allows blood flow to remain consistent even when there are changes in blood pressure. Normally, blood flow is autoregulated when the mean arterial pressure lies between 50 and 150 mmHg. If the patient is sitting up, then the MAP might need to be 60 in order to ensure adequate cerebral perfusion.

These are just a few things. I hope it helps some.