travel assignment in NEURO ICU..Advice?

  1. HI,
    I recently just accepted a travel position in a Neuro ICU and I am really excited about it. I have some experience in Neuro I have worked in a SICU for two years and my recent travel assignment had me floating to the neuro ICU. Does anyone have any pointers or advice as I start this new adventure? thanks!
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  3. by   Nccity2002
    Hi NYRN,
    Congratulations on your new assignment!!
    I had attached the most common guidelines and standard of care for neuro pts, from the American Association of Neuroscience them and keep them handy for future reference.
    Good Luck.
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    Thank you so so much!
  6. by   206NeuroRN
    HI - I've been working in a Neuro ICU for the past year and am looking to do travel nursing. Wondering which travel agency you used and where you got placed? Neuro is my only ICU experience so I'd be a little apprehensive accepting an assignment in any other type of ICU.

    In regards to Neuro I had a MD tell me once that a Neuro exam is one of the most sensitive exams you can do. For example, a slight weakness on one side or facial droop may be almost imperceptible but as skilled nurse you can pick-up on these. Also the cerebellar and posterior brain surgeries are the patients that have gone downhill on me with postop swelling, can't relieve their headpain, n/v and just really sleepy even though they might be AOX4. I've had a couple 3am emergent EVD placements and bone flap removals with those types of patients. Keep them as vertical as they can tolerate and head midline and get a stat CT.
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    Depending on where you want to travel, PM me. I am a neuro ICU nurse and have traveled a couple diff neuro ICUs. I know that Cornell NYP needs help in neuro. Also UCSF has a large neuro program and usually takes travelers. Also, Johns Hopkins and the Mayo in MInnesota takes travelers in neuro. I work in the neuro mecca in AZ so if you have any questions let me know!
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    hey guys im going to have an interview at the neuro icu of ucsf on the 19th of june. i am very very nervous and i feel like this will be my biggest test in my nursing career. i really want to work in ucsf neuro icu and iv been doin this for 5 years. do u guys have tips or any comments about ucsf neuro icu and the interview
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    Hi GrnHonu99. Did you work at the cornell neuro icu? Im interested to know what its like working there. (environment, manager, ease of scheduling/flexibility) I currently work on a neuro floor, and would like to eventually move up to neuro-icu. thanks