revamping preceptor/orientee program

  1. Hi Everyone!

    We are revamping our preceptor/orientee program in our Neuro ICU. Why they asked me to come to this meeting I am still a bit confused about! (Work part time and don't have many orientees.) I'd like your thumbnail sketch of what your NICU orientation contains. I know this may be a bit of work and rather detailed but I'd really appreciate your help. Our unit stays a bit "within the box" and doesn't step out and check out other units or institutions ways of doing things. I think this is a disservice! Fresh ideas and new concepts breathe new life into so many things!
    Some new ideas I came up with were:
    * Pretest all new employees as to their neuro experience, ICU experience, leadership abilities/qualities, learning style (auditory, visual, kinestetic, etc.)
    * develop an online testing center to utilize to assess the orientees level of comprehension of recently presented concepts.
    * Develop and create a Feedback Forum where orientees/preceptors can ask questions and provide feedback (anonomously if desired) about their preceptor and orientation process.
    I would love to hear what you all have to suggest also! My meeting is the
    29th of June---I apologize for the short notice, but, I just thought of asking you all about this yesterday!
    Thanks again!
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