Post-tpa bp

  1. A question for neuro knowledgeable people: For a patient who has has tpa for a cva, is there usually a lower limit goal bp / parameter during those first 24 hours? I know prevention of very high BP is necessary but is it common to try and keep the BP a little on the higher side (SBP's 150's-170's)? Thanks
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  3. by   Cvanurse
    Without TPA we usually let our patients ride 180-220. Not sure of the numbers on people who received it. Those patients go directly to ICU instead of our neuro progressive care unit.
  4. by   Fumanchuesday
    Less than 180 in my facility
  5. by   RubberDuckieLove
    It's 180 systolic 24 hours post tpa and then 220. Need that perfusion!
  6. by   michelleb16
    No minimum "low" you want the bp high... Not sure on minimum low for tpa most of my neuro patients with ventrics and stuff have minimum systolic of 160 occasionally 140 for fresh crani