New to Neruo ICU

  1. Hi everyone -

    I've been a nurse for 3 years and just accepted a position with Oregon Health and Science University for the neurosciences ICU internship and will start in January. Very excited and nervous as I've never been in critical care.
    Any tips or resources where I can educate myself more on neuro? I did see a thread about resources so I will check that out.

    Thanks in advance! Glad there is a site like this for nurses to connect.
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  3. by   lilwbprincess
    I meant new to NEURO, not neruo.
  4. by   nutty119
    lilwbprincess, I am noticing that you posted this in Dec 2009. How do you like it at OHSU? I currently work in neurology/neurosurgery and would love to work as a critical care nurse. Any feedback would be appreciated! (btw, the resources that we use for neuro are all on our hospital's database :T)