Houston flood disaster

  1. I just had to post something to say kudos to all Memorial Hermann Hospital nurses and staff that were involved in the June 9, 2001 flood disaster... MHH was the hardest hit in the TX Medical Center, being a level one trauma center that was forced to evacuate 540+ patients in a very short amount of time. The raging flood waters knocked out all power (and emergency generators located in the basement), and telephone service to the hosp. Everyone went way above and beyond the call of duty, some staying there for over 36 hrs. til the last patient was carried down nine flights of pitch-black, extremely hot (not to mention malodorous) stairs to be transported to safety. I know that I am proud to say that I work with a true team of heros..from housekeeping staff to nurses to doctors...everyone was working together for our one goal...to keep our precious patients safe. Of course, I already knew that...didn't really need that sort of disaster to tell me!! Now, as we are awaiting the return to our "home", we are all taking our turns at various Houston area hospitals to assist in caring for our patients that were transferred, and we are learning to appreciate what we have. I feel truly blessed to be a part of the Neuro ICU team, and I know just how awesome MHH is!
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