1. I'm working on an EBP PICOT question and would like to investigate the effects of hyperventilation on increased ICP. My professor (psyc nurse for the last 20 years) doesn't feel that this is within the scope of nursing practice (RN). I know some facilities have standing orders for oxygen delivery, so I told her I would research local hospital protocols. I wanted to consult some of you in practice.
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  3. by   focker14
    Hyperventilation does in fact lower ICP by means of cerebral vasoconstriction but if i recall most literature states that the effect doesn't sustain past 12-24hrs.....just off top of my head.. that being said, i worked in a Surgical Trauma Neruo ICU for 8 years and some neruosurgeons had standing orders if the ICP were to increase to XYZ and sustained then you could implement hyperventilation until a designated ETCO2 was reached. Others would just order it. Trying to figure out the "scope of practice" issue....hard to understand what ya mean? I would argue that to make the decision to go ahead and hyperventilate a patient without standing orders or per protocol then yes, a RN would be out of their scope...