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Neuro Integrated Care Unit vs Intensive Care Unit


How common is it to see a neuro integrated care unit vs an intensive care unit? Is that a relatively new way of organizing a neuro unit or has this been going on for a while? I have an interview in a neuro icu and assumed it was the "intensive" i but it's an integrated care unit, which I'd never heard of before but sounds really interesting.

The one I'm about to start working at is a "Critical Care Unit" with a new step down unit added on. It doesn't count as an ICU though, and patient nurse rations are 4:1.

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Becoming more common. Most typically, you'll see subdivisions, such as the "stroke unit", or the "epilepsy unit", and these may each be 6-10 beads on the same floor, all part of the "Neurology Unit." They are patients with special needs, but whose care does not qualify for ICU billing.