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Neuro ICU Traveling?


I am a Neuro ICU nurse with 4 years of Neuro ICU experience as well as I am a CNRN. I am considering traveling. While browsing different jobs, I am surprised that there usually is not "Neuro ICU" as a specific specialty to search for.

1. Is is hard to find a traveling job in Neuro ICU?

2. What has been your experience with travel Neuro ICU assignments?

3. Is there a specific agency that you thought had more assignments for Neuro ICU?

Thanks in advance for your information!

There are some Neuro ICU jobs. Just be aware that a lot of ICU jobs these days seem to be ICU float instead of being unit based.

I did Neuro ICU @ Wake Forest in North Carolina, and will now be doing the same at USC. Fastaff and American Mobile both send travelers frequently to Neuro @ Wake because they are soo short!

Thank you both for your input!