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NET test study guides


Hi all

I am going to apply to a BSN program as well as a Community college; at the Community college I will have to take the NET test; did any of you use a study guide? did it help? which ones would you reccommend?




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i had to take the net before i started my RN program. i bought the study book from the school for the test and it was way harder than what the test was. some of the math in the book made my head hurt:banghead: and it did not even show up on my test. if you study your basics with algebra and basic geomenty you will do great good luck:up:

The NET study guide published by the people who make up the test is all you will need. You can find it on Amazon, or at the publisher's website.


On that website, you can also purchase an online practice test for $15.00. I highly recommend that!

Good luck! Be sure to check out the sticky on the NET at the top of this forum.

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