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NET TEST Study Guide

Hello all I wanted to ask those of you that took the NET test was it anything like the Study Guide? The nursing program I'm trying to get in said to get the NET nursing Guide because it was similiar to the actual test. I bought the book from Eriworld.com and they also said I had to pass with a 60%. Well I've been scoring 85% thus far, but was wondering if the test is really gonna be like the test in the book. It seems too easy when I take it from the book but I'm scared to death of the actual test.

hey i thougth u were going to take the met test in november did u reschedule and have u spoke to someone about the next starting class?

I couldnt get off work so I rescheduled for January. I haven't spoken to anyone about the next starting date yet. I gotta pass the test first, lol.

I have one that i used. It was very helpful. If u want it i can give it to you. I will just need shipping. It is collecting dust on my bookshelf

I feel like the net test followed the study guide. It was a great help for what it would look like. I suggest using it to study, even as a refresher.

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