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I was wondering how common it is for a second entrance exam to be administered post-admission. At PBCC we have to take the NET before we can start classes in January. We already took the NLN.

As I was reading the info packet, it said we are to bring calculators. Is it common to be allowed a calculator to take the NET? Maybe they figure if we got past the NLN without one, why not give us a break for the NET?


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I have already been accepted for January but have to go this Friday and take the NET test. They said it would help us pinpoint our areas of weakness. It seems a little silly to have to take an entrance exam after being accepted, but I guess they must think it will provide useful information.

They didn't say that we could bring calculators, but I may bring one just in case. That would make it much easier!

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The NET tests things such as study skills, stress, and learning style in addition to the typical math, reading, etc. In my program they used our NET results to assist us in improving study skills and trying things that fit with our learning style.

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