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Nervous for NCLEX

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I am currently scheduled to take my NCLEX on Wednesday. This is my second attempt after failing miserably (75 Qs) the first time. To help me prepare, I have completed the HURST review online course & I am feeling more confident this time around. Also, I have used practice questions from the Saunders book.

Surprisingly, I was actually offered a position in the NICU! My dream job!:) They are holding this position for me for when I am finally registered, so I have a lot on the line.

My Q review scores are 78-90/125. Am I right on track or do these scores not sound so good? I'd love any feedback.

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The Hurst site states that most who pass the first time have an average score of 85/125. I would say that you are on track - however - just remember that your scores are not that important. It is more important that you understand the rationales of your wrong and RIGHT answers.

Wow, NICU...how exciting! Best wishes.

i only used kaplan to study so i can't say anything about saunders, but good luck to you!! and congrats on NICU!