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;) hi everyone my name is issy i have been a dialysis nurse for over 20 years. i just moved to michigan from new york ( shout out to any michigan nurses) i work for spectrum health. right now i'm trying to do some research asking other dialysis nurse how they handle " on call" in their acute units, do they use technicians, what are the salaries for on call staff etc. any feedback would be appreciated. thank you all issy

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Hi Issy and welcome. I'm in IL and work in a Fresenius unit as an advanced practice nurse.

diabo specializes in hemo and peritoneal dialysis.

Our acute unit and chronic center are hospital owned and staffed by RNs and LPNs only. LPNs can do acutes only if there is a dialysis RN present, or at least close by. The acute unit is under the ICU manager. On call is one hour extra pay for being called in and 2 hours pay per 12 hours of carrying the beeper. Base pay is $26 before shift, weekend, and charge diffs. We are ICU cross trained and help out there if things get slow, very rare these days.

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