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neonatal nurses question

by sparky11 sparky11 (New) New

if you are working in a newly designed NICU with single patient patient rooms, could you please share your staffing patterns with me as we are designing a new unit and getting ready to move in in the next 6-9 months.


Hey we do not curretly have our unit designed as you describe, but we also going in that direction. From what I've heard usually you will have two babies in connecting rooms. Or occasionally 2 kids in the same room. Our unit is designed for approx 24 full bed spaces, however our census never drops below 40. The beds are so close together you can't squeeze between them (and I am thin btw). on top of that the 15-17 nurses on every shift. We have our own little obstacle course.

Although the redisign is supposed to be great, all I keep invisioning is 6 kids crammed into a space for 2 max!!!!

Good luck with yours.

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