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i need procedure references

hi, if anyone can suggest some additional OR case references it would help my care plan organization time.

i am using:

Surgical Procedures by Jaffe

Clinical Anesthesia by Barash

Anesthesia and Coexisting Disease by Stoelting

+ all the others - M&M, Stoeting Pharm, Nurse Anesthestia by N&Z

there are some procedures that are just not in these books. i have found a few web sites, nothing professional though, all lay terms for patients.

thanks -

gc. :Melody:

Try "Essence of Anesthesia Practice" by Rozien and (don't quote me) I think Evidence based anesthesia practice by Rozien.


Anesthesiology Review by Faust is a great review book. It covers over 200 topics from Physical sciences, Physiology and Clinical topics very succinctly. I know several people who have used this book to review for boards. The other book I use a lot is the Mass General book, "Clinical Anesthesia Procedures of the Massachesetts General Hospital".

thanks for the suggestions. i am going to look these up.


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