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need nicu nurse interviews! can you help?

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Hi everyone,

I am a 2nd year nursing student and I hope to become a level 3 nicu nurse. I have to write a paper and part of that paper I will need interviews from real Nicu nurses:yeah: from all levels.

my questions are:

*what certifications do you need as an nicu nurse? and at what level (I II III) of care do you need for these certifications.

*what is the starting pay for new nurses?

*how did you feel when you were a new nurse vs now?

*what are your duties/duties for each level?

*what are the steps to taking care of a baby that has died?

*how do you handle/cope with the death of a baby?

*how do you provide emotional support to familes that have lost a baby?

*and if you have any interesting stories to share go right ahead:D

thanks for you help!


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There is a lot of great information about all of these questions if you utilize the search button. These sorts of questions are asked many, many times, which is why other people may not be responding as quickly to your queries.

I will answer, though, that you do not need any certifications to be a NICU RN, although most hospitals require a regular BLS CPR card and some the NRP (neonatal resuscitation) card.

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