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I just applied for the LVN to RN program for the Spring term. I know I stress about the math and I was hoping that someone might suggest a good nursing math book for a refresher. I did well in math, took Algebra 1 and 2 with success, but I still stress. I know that the nursing math will be a challenge for me and I want to be prepared! Thanks



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I am in the same boat. I will be starting the RN program on August 27 and I am feeling seriously discouraged b/c of the math. I am a mathophobic and so I am really trying to practice and memorize the conversion units so I can have a chance of really understanding this. Its really important to do them correctly b/c you can seriously injure or kill someone if you give the wrong dose of medication. I want to get to the point where I can glance at a problem and really understand what is going on and if the dosage makes sense. I will post some links when I get a chance. I gotta go-my baby is crying.

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