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need help?

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Hi I'm trying to get a little but more information about a contracting nurse position. This one lady told me that her daughter works at Gw hospital and they do some type of contracting with the students that if they work there for some years they would pay for schooling. I would like to know if someone's knows about this.I'm a beginner I jus would like to follow the right steps

I hope I'm understanding what you're asking correctly. At most of the hospitals in baltimore if you take a job there (clerk, tech, nurse, whatever) they will give you $X per year to go back to school. The catch is usually that you have to pay for the schooling upright and they will reimburse it at the end of the semester if you pass. Most hospitals also require that you work a certain amount of time after taking their aid. (Ie. you take maximum X for one year, they want you to work one year after school for that)