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Need help making a decision

Roni2014 Roni2014 (New) New

Hello Everyone,

I'm currently enrolled at University of Louisiana @ Lafayette & thinking of transferring to UTA. I have heard UTA is a better school. But, what I need to know what TIME assignments are due. ULL assignments are due at 8pm on Friday's. Assignments are now opened up on Sunday (was Monday's, student's complain). & 15 mins for quizzes... And no feedback from the instructor, she is in school herself getting her PhD... AND what is the grading scale for nurse's courses? Is 70 consider a C, or is it a 75?

What time/days assignments are due?

What is the grading scale for UTA?

How long for quizzes?

What is technical writing? lot of paper writing?

Moat assignments are due on sundays. The week runs Monday through sundays. Sometimes they list stuff due on different days but you know all of the assignments at the beginning of the class. They can be worked on any time.

There is a lot of paper writing in all of the classes hut it has a detailed grading scale and it is not too difficult to get good grades.

Quiz times vary but I haven't come across anything that is too difficult or too quick.


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