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need help: looking for a job in San Francisco

anali anali (New) New

hello, I was recently accepted into the UCSF program (MS- NNP)!!!! I am very excited. howeer, I do need to keep a job full-time (immigration requirement). i am looking for a job near by, around the area in a NICU level 3 unit! I have 4 years of experience. PLease if you can help me contact managers i'll be very grateful... I don't een know the big hospitals in taht area... and if I can have a direct phone number or email for a manager that'll be even better!!!



sry I can't really help since I don't live in SF. but since you have 4 yrs of experience, perhaps you can look into travel nicu jobs within SF? just a thought =)

I suspect this is not the correct method of submitting a new thread (one remotely rellevent to this thread), I just cannot find the link to submit another thread "rellevent" to this one (?). My thread, or inquiry, is this. Are there any hospitals in the city of San Francisco (or the bay area) that have evolved to 12 hr shifts ???. Arizona and Colorado both have several years ago.

8 hr shifts are rare in Az. & Co.. I ask this because I'm not particularly thrilled about working 8 hr shifts (5 shifts/week) after 20+ yrs working 12 hs shifts, 3/week.

Thanx in advance, and forgive me for submitting a thread impropperly. I'm a newbie here at allnurses.


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