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Need help with inservice for CMA's

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Hi, I have been asked to present an inservice for the CMA's in the LTC facility that I work at. Although our facility is one of the top in the state it has really never concentrated any training for the CMA's. In the past year there has been a drastic increase in med. errors and in the last survey we received a 5% med error deficiency. I have been asked to cover the basics of the med. pass, they all know the basics because when I do a walk through with them they do it by the book. I want to possibly add some info on different meds. or new meds. I also want this to be interesting so they walk away with a real understanding. Any ideas, I would surely appreciate your help. I am not a Staff Developement nurse, I am a charge nurse who inherited this assignment.


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I don't know your time line, (as this type of discussion csn take up some time) but... you might could use some of the error reports from your facility as examples and have the CMA's help identify which steps of the process did not work for that case. Then identify possible corrective actions/steps.


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