Need help with my education path

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I am almost positive I will be getting my BSN from WGU online. It's such a cheap and fast program, and based on so many posts on this site about it, it seems great.

I'm thinking about continuing my education after that and becoming a CNS or NP. Does anyone know any good programs after I get my BSN that are specific to mental health-psych nursing?

Maybe I should bypass the BSN program and do RN-MSN. Do I get my MSN and then find a PhD program? Or, should I do I find a BSN-DNP program?

I feel overwhelmed with the possibilities! Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

MrChicagoRN, RN

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What is it you want to do professionally?

if you want to become an APN, go the NP route. Most programs are online except for clinical hours and a few campus visits. Depending on your age, a doctorate vs MSN may be better for you. Take a look at a few programs that may appeal to you, and see what the requirements are. Make sure that any BSN Program has the proper accreditation for MSN entry.