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Need Help! Changed drug calculations requirement.

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by Beaue Beaue Member

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Here is it almost January and can't decide to change majors or go back into nursing. I got behind and felt there was no way of catching up in fall classes. Teachers told us in orientation that the drug calculations requirement was moved to 90% to pass the course. Last semester is was only 85%. On some of the problems in the practice test, I don't remember being taught to us in class. She also gave us an 85% practice test and never gave us the answer. I couldn't find the answers online. They have an open-door policy where students can ask teachers questions but don't know how helpful they will be. It feels very cut throat....swim or sink in nursing school. What was your schools' pass rate for drug calculations? I feel like I can make the 90% if they will help me. I rather go into a different major than spend another 1,100 on nursing and fail nursing school again. your opinions?

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21 hours ago, Beaue said:

What was your schools' pass rate for drug calculations?

100%. I'd say 85% is extremely low for a pass rate when talking about medication calculations and the outcomes of medication errors.

Utilize office hours to meet with your instructor for help. They are there, but you need to make the effort. As for problems on the practice exam not being taught in class, you are an adult learner and are responsible for you own learning. Not everything can be taught in class. You should have other resources to utilize as well- your text book, etc.

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