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Need help with Care Plan **short term goal

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I need a little help with a short term goal for my care plan. My nursing dx is impaired physical mobility r/t hemiplegia AEB inability to purposefully move RUE. the medical hx is recent cva w/ aphasia and right sided hemiplegia, PEG tube, sacral decubiti, current retroperitoneal bleed. Assessment as follows: Neuro: A&O x3 distal sensation absent in RUE present in all others.cardio: apical rate 88 and regular, cap refill

read the goals as written by the physical therapist.

oops...this is a case study, isn't it...

pt will show proficiency in transferring from bed to chair, within one week.


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goals are the predicted results of your nursing actions (interventions). what are the nursing interventions you are ordering for this patient's "inability to purposefully move rue"? what do you expect to happen as a result of those interventions being done? those will be your goals for the patient.

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