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Need guidance on PICC cert/jobs in CA


Hey everyone I have been wanting to get into placing picc lines since I started rn school. I have just been trying to be pt. and get rn experience 1st. My expirience: ICU rn 15 months started as new grad, and have been ICU travel for the past 18 months. All my experience has been ICU. I am currently traveling in CA and I look to get a full time position here. I just need some guidance/help on trying to obtain a picc job. I do not have any official picc training at this time, although I do feel comfortable inserting us guided periph. iv's. Should I spend money on getting picc certified? or should I try to hire on with a company full time? Any picc nurses here in CA or in general that can help, I would greatly appreciate it.. thank ya'll!


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I'm not PICC certified, but I'm an infusion nurse, and most of the acute care infusion positions I've seen want people who are PICC certified. I would say that if this is your desired area of nursing, it's worth the certification.

Any picc line nurses in CA?