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Need to fine something else...


So i'm a new grad in an ICU at a community hospital about an hour from where I live. I started the end of June and I absolutely hate the drive. 12 hour days are 14 hour days and it stinks. I took the job because I needed it and the local hospitals only had med-surg which I didn't want. Not to mention I'm not sure the ICU is where I really want to be. I don't think I want to do bedside nursing. I've applied several other places, however I'm not sure if employers will be too happy to hire me with only being where I'm at for 2 months and with my previous employment record. I've had several jobs withing the past few years. I still about 3 months of orientation left, so I'd like to get out now. I'm just not sure what to do. I was an LPN for 2 years prior to becoming an RN and now i'm not sure if I should have even gone into nursing! :(

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