Need Feedback on Scores! Please help!


Hi there! Hoping to get some feedback on my scores! Here they are:

QT #1: 45.3% (Totally failed because I hadn't had the preparation class yet, and was tired when I took it).

QT #2: 58.7%

QT #3: 54%

QT#4: 60.7%

QT#5: 54%

QT#6: 57%

QT#7: 57%

Readiness: 64%

Completed 75% of the Q Bank with an average of 62%.

I have watched all of the Kaplan videos and remediated every question and took notes on anything I didn't understand from every test, including the Q Bank. The questions I'm getting wrong are ones I am second-guessing myself on. I am testing on 2/11/16, and would appreciate some feedback! Really nervous! Thanks!


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*Bump!* I test in two days! Any advice on my scores?