Need feedback from Nurse Managers


I have a short paper to write this weekend for my RN to BSN program. I need information from nurse managers. If you could please answer briefly the following questions (short and sweet is fine), I need to use them in my paper.

*Why did you choose to become a manager?

*What is the hardest thing about being a manager and leader?

*What is the best advice anyone gave you about being a leader?

*What do you know now (currently today) that you wish someone would have told you earlier in your management position?

*What do you enjoy most about being a nurse leader?*Name of your unit/department & your credentials

Your assistance is most appreciated! Your post may also help others, too :)

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These types of assignments generally require the student to actually seek out a nurse manager in real life and sit down and talk with them. Asking an anonymous person on the internet is not the purpose of the assignment, especially since you cannot verify that anyone answering you is actually a nurse manager.