Need experience!


I'm new to the healthcare field and just graduated from LPN school in July. I took and passed boards in September and have been working in the clinical setting since July (as a GPN until boards). I recently interviewed for an inpatient position on the floor and was told they are looking for someone with bedside experience or is currently enrolled in RN school.

One, they knew prior to setting up the interview that I was a brand new nurse so why schedule if I already don't meet the requirements?

Two, how does a NEW nurse gain bedside experience without any prior exposure to the healthcare field AND the one setting that you gain it from doesn't really hire LPNs anymore? LTC doesn't count as bedside does it? I mean you don't do the same things.

Lastly, if they offered to allow you to work as a tech for 6 months prior to qualifying for the LPN position, would you take it?

I want bedside nursing badly! However, I just graduated with a 1 year old and can't afford nursing school right now. The clinic setting is okay, but the hours leave little room to get anything done or allow my spouse to work. This really sucks.