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need care plan help


Why would a 20 year old whos been in accident have cardiovascular or GI issues. I dont get it! I cant find anything. argh! i know she will be bet ridden for 3 months...pls help if you can. I hate care plans!!

Internal injuries??


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For the GI issues, I would guess the patient is at risk for constipation as a result of immobility or inactivity. Or maybe the GI issues could be a side effect of pain medications.


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There's not enough information in your question to help you. What is her background, injuries, assessment, etc etc. Why is she bed ridden for 3 months?


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First you need to think of the impact of an accident...if it was a car accident, the pt might have a pelvic injury making them inmobile...GI problems could be internal bleeding.

I do not think you provided enough info for a valid reply.