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Need advice on two job offers

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Well, I have two job offers on the table and Im really not sure which to take. I have 2 years ICU experience in a general ICU that ranges from med/surg to open hearts. We do a little of everything but neuro. Im really torn between the two offers as they both are great opportunities.

The job offers I have are:

University hospital - main ICU which is med/surg. They do kidney/liver transplants and lots of pulmonary. 450 bed hospital

Positives - paid holidays (12 (8) hour days a year I believe), state benefits (free medical insurance for employee only), state retirement pension (have to contribute 6% and they match 6%).

Negatives - slightly less pay, drive is 25 miles which is currently 8 miles further than the other hospital (potentially 15 miles further if we build a new house on our property) 5 days of call per quarter (I know this is next to nothing)

Other hospital - Trauma ICU (level 2 though sometimes they take patients that should have been level 1). Connected to the OR with trauma surgeons on all the time. They do neuro (no experience though happy to learn). The hospital is 800 beds.

Positives - little more pay, 20 miles from me currently which is a shorter drive (which may be 15 miles closer than the other hospital if we build a new house on our property). Benefits are good. Magnet status

Negatives - they occasionally triple (while downgrading patients). This department has more swings in census which leads to being pushed back or being put on call at times.

Both hospitals have great reputations. I know nurses that work at both and say they feel rewarded and that their voices are heard. Both have multiple nurses with 20+ year careers at that hospital.

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University hospital, tripling routinely seems unsafe, even if they are downgraded. Good job on two offers!!

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tryingtohaveitall has 23 years experience and specializes in PICU.

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Can you talk with nurses where they triple? Maybe they keep lesser acuity. If so, 3 "floor-ish" patients wouldn't be bad. Otherwise that job sounds better.

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