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Need some advice

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I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I'm a paramedic looking to go into nursing. I live in the Phoenix metro area and have a couple of choices, both of which have pros and cons. One option is to take the medic to RN bridge course through Mesa CC. I think it will take about a year just to finsh the prerequisites that I need, then roughly a year and a half to two years to complete the whole program including the bridge course, depending on which block I test into; three years is a long time. But because it's a public college it would be a far less expensive option. The other option I'm thinking about is going through Pima Medical Institute. Their program is a lot shorter (by more than a year). I'm turning 34 soon and have a family to feed, so the thought of working a year sooner is very appealing. The thing though is it's a crazy expensive program. Would love some advice. 

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