Need advice

by Britt Britt (New) New

I am currently a CNA who is looking into nursing school. I have one problem. I cannot stand the sight of large amount of blood. I can watch videos of anything involving blood and be fine with it. I can deal with small skin tears, small cuts, but when it comes to big wounds, bloody noses, or getting blood drawn. I can feel myself get tense up and feel the urge to pass out. I wanted to get over this so badly. I have been a CNA and done home health. I have never told my bosses about this issues and just got lucky I guess. Well I got hired and finished orientation at a hospital. My question is, should I tell my manager, and cross my fingers and maybe she can slowly help me get over this fear. My biggest fear is that they will let me go. I eventually want to go to nursing school. Looking for advice.

It sounds like you need some exposure therapy! This might seem insane, but I would go to your supervisor or whoever you answer to, explain your situation, and then ask to hang with one of the phlebotomists for a day at the hospital and just watch them draw blood again and again and again. You'll ultimately get used to it, and who knows, you may pass out the first time, or first few times, but they certainly can't fire you for having a physiological reaction that you aren't exactly in control of. So definitely don't feel in fear for your job because of this. But if anything, I would inform your supervisor regardless, and I can pretty much guarantee you won't the first person to tell them that blood makes them squeamish. Good luck with everything!