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My brother is 65 yo with CP....spastic I think you call it. In his legs mostly. He has a bad leg infection 2 years ago which really set him back., but the infection cleared. He now is in a nursing home waiting for assisted living.

He has always had mobility issues. As he has aged they have gotten worse. He uses crutches to walk short distances now....orherwise has a scooter.

Always his right knee has been troublesome. He does ok with a brace and Tylenol. He cannot bend his knees when sitting even with PT.

Recently his general doctor suggested knee replacement. I have HUGE concerns. That he will lose mobility all together, the recovery and needed PT are intense...I doubt he can do this, infection, poor healing.

He is seeing an orthopedist today just to see about options.

I request your input. I think No Surgery.

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Please address your concerns with your brother's health care team. We cannot, per the terms of service, offer medical advice. Best wishes.


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As above poster stated, we can't provide medical advice

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