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Need advice!!!

Bestela Bestela (New) New

I have a question to all experienced ED

nurses. I'll be starting a job in the ED soon. Was wondering what I should bring to work in order to be prepared? A pulse oximeter? I have a friend who works in a hospital and she said it would be in my best interest to order an oximeter cause they seem to "disappear ". Would it be a good idea to bring my BP cuff and Stethescope also even though we will probably be using a NIBP? I'm not a nurse yet, but will start school soon. I'll be a patient care technician.

dianah, ADN

Specializes in Cath Lab/Radiology. Has 45 years experience.

As all facilities are different, best to wait until you have gone through orientation and ask those questions of the staff with which you will be working.

There may be liability issues if you bring your own equipment in (can you provide documentation it is calibrated properly and regularly?).

As RNs we do use our own stethoscopes.

But again, ask at your facility about the other equipment.

Congrats on your new position!

Thank you for your suggestions