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Need some advice on this

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by sherriberry1 sherriberry1 (New Member) New Member

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Hi everyone!!! I am confused about writing this care plan....I am in my OB clinical rotation. I have been in post partum for two clinicals and today I was in L & D....so I need to come up with interventions and diagnosis that involve that area but I am wanting to do it like the past two weeks for the post partum care plans...its weird I know but I just seem to be stuck in that mode. My client today was 20 yrs old second pregnancy, asthma, grade II/ VI heart mumur,substance abuse,pit. induction.........I am wanting to do something on the substance abuse issue but I do not think that would fit in L & D??? Maybe more of the discharge teaching maybe.... I just FEEL that needs to be address somehow. A few I have come up with is acute pain r/t pitocin induced labor process, Risk for maternal/fetal injury r/t obstetrical complications, and Potential for post partum hemorrrhage r/t cervical or vaginal laceration or hypotonic uterus.....I just need to know if I am heading in the right direction.

Thank you in advance!!!:heartbeat

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